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Re: suspend/fg excitement in *shell*

From: Sven Joachim
Subject: Re: suspend/fg excitement in *shell*
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 19:54:37 +0200
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address@hidden writes:

> At least you perhaps can reproduce in an emacs *shell* buffer:
> ---------------
> address@hidden:~$ su
> Password: 
> address@hidden:/tmp# suspend
> [1]+  Stopped                 su
> address@hidden:~$ fg
> su
> address@hidden:/tmp# exit <---I did not type "exit"!

I can reproduce this.  Actually, the shell gets an EOF from somewhere,
since on my system I get the message "Use 'exit' to leave the shell."
I have IGNOREEOF=2 in /root/.bashrc.


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