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[Fmsystem-users] Installation on Windows

From: Stephen Cameron
Subject: [Fmsystem-users] Installation on Windows
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 04:24:19 +1100


I am interested to try this system, and am installing it under IIS on Windows.

Everything seems to have worked for the installation, but I am now having trouble with the login.

After login I get redirected to a http://localhost/login.php with the message.

"Please continue to this page"

The HTML markup is as follows

<title>Redirecting to //login.php?cd=99&skip_remote=1&lightbox=0&domain=default&click_history=445f70c59fbdcf60f11b08f01dd25465</title>
<meta http-equiv="refresh\ content="0; URL=//login.php?cd=99&skip_remote=1&lightbox=0&domain=default&click_history=445f70c59fbdcf60f11b08f01dd25465">
<h1>Please continue to <a href="//login.php?cd=99&skip_remote=1&lightbox=0&domain=default&click_history=445f70c59fbdcf60f11b08f01dd25465">this page</a></h1>

The URL is wrong

If I change it to be 

I get back to the login.php page but this time it has an error message "Blocked too many attempts".

Obviously I have something wrong in my configuration, but I cannot find what and am not familiar with PHP.

I also need to unblock the sysadmin user, I suspect in the database?

Thanks for your assistance.

Steve Cameron

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