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Preffered solution on deprecaded functions?

From: Sören Jonsson
Subject: Preffered solution on deprecaded functions?
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2019 11:30:54 +0100
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I'm attempting to compile g-wrap for guile 2.2.4 The reason: I'm making an attempt to get guile-gnome to work under cygwin.

Alas, I'm getting a series of error messages, listed in the file "Errmsg.txt", provided with this mail. (I went to the subdirectory guile/g-wrap and  made an attempt to make guile-runtime.lo in order to keep the error message short and focus on the important parts.)

After some browsing of the Internet, I found this page: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50471783/compiling-g-wrap

According to this information, g-wrap 1.9.15 is not compatible with guile 2.2.4, and need  guile 2-0 for compilation. As you can see in the error messages, the complaint is that g-wrap make calls to deprecated function.

What would be the preferred way to resolve this? Are the functions deprecated because there are better alternatives, or should I look at re-implementing them as part of g-wrap? Is there any solution I have not thought about?

I can see many ways to resolve this, but I'm spoiled for chooses and would like some input on what the best long term solution would be.

Best regards,

Sören Jonsson
Kärnvägen 237
906 27 UMEÅ
Tel: 090-180 339, 070-603 3896

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