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Information about rejected payment: P2133553529

From: Millard Dale
Subject: Information about rejected payment: P2133553529
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2004 01:38:46 -0700

Adobe Software

Photoshop 7 $60
PageMaker 7 (2CD) $60
Illustrator 10 $60
Acrobat 6 Professional $60
Premiere 7 $60

Super cheaep Adobe progs

Wonder why our priices are unbelievably L0W?
We are currently clearing our goods at incredibily cheeap sa1e-priice in connection with the shutdown of our shop and the closure of the stockhouse. Don't missss your lucky chance to get the best priicce on discoouunt software!
Millard Dale

Those were strong words, and he wasnt one for exaggerating. You look like her, was helens considered opinion, and you talk like her. Yes, the inspector replied, he committed suicide when the protectorate fell. She asked him, looking into the room, dyou need a hand?
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