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Suppress your appetite

From: Alphonse Cope
Subject: Suppress your appetite
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 16:30:56 -0100

Summer is coming, did you look in the mirror lately?

If you`re still overweight read on.....

For years, the weight loss industry has led us to believe
that in order to look great and stay in shape,
you could never eat your favorite foods.
Now, of course we're not saying that you can eat ice cream
and hamburgers all day, but you can still occasionally
splurge and maintain a healthy lifestyle, thanks to our new little secret...

We know it sounds hard to believe, but thousands of people
are doing just that...
thanks to a revolutionary breakthrough in natural health science: HoodiaLife

Just take a peek at:


Alphonse Cope
Customer Service Team

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