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Re: test AMBBrtEN

From: Midge Alvarado
Subject: Re: test AMBBrtEN
Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 11:19:53 -0700

V A L / U M
S O M ^
M E R / D / A
C / A L / S
V / A G R A
A M B / E N
L E V / T R A
X ^ N A X
P R O Z ^ C
Who are you, and of what would you parley?
I am Bard, and by my hand was the dragon slain and your treasure
delivered. Is that not a matter that concerns you? Moreover I am by
right descent the heir of Girion of Dale, and in your hoard is mingled
much of the wealth of his halls and town, which of old Smaug stole. Is
not that a matter of which we may speak? Further in his last battle

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