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Re: test AMBfBtEN

From: Shae Cargle
Subject: Re: test AMBfBtEN
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 01:36:06 -0700

L E V / T R A
A M B / E N
X ^ N A X
M E R / D / A
V / A G R A
V A L / U M
C / A L / S
P R O Z ^ C
S O M ^
scale of their armour. There were lots of dragons in the North in those
days, and gold was probably getting scarce up there, with the dwarves
flying south or getting killed, and all the general waste and
destruction that dragons make going from bad to worse. There was a most
specially greedy, strong and wicked worm called Smaug. One day he flew
up into the air and came south. The first we heard of it was a noise

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