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Value-oriented insider info that boosts profits "HYW I" a breathtaking a

From: Dominique
Subject: Value-oriented insider info that boosts profits "HYW I" a breathtaking action
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 14:48:18 +0300

Growth stokcs that make your bottom line handsome stokc analysis tools and tips meant to increase long-term profits

We found a completely new sttock and have an insider information that some big guys are going to invest into it and it will Boom this week.

Get HYWI First Thing Tomorrow, This sotck Going To Explode!

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Hollywood Intermediate, Inc.
Symbol: HYWI
Current prise: $1.18 , but will increase at least 30-50% on Wednesday - Thursday.

About the company:

Hollywood Intermediate provides a proprietary technology of Digital Intermediate services to feature filmmakers for post-production for film mastering and restoration. This technology gives the filmmakers total creative control over the look of their productions. Whether shooting on film or acquiring in HD or SD video, Hollywood Intermediate puts a powerful cluster of digital tools at the director's disposal to achieve stunning results on the big screen. Matchframe Digital Intermediate, a division of Hollywood Intermediate, Inc., packages a full array of post-production services with negative handling expertise and cost-effective 2K digital intermediate and 35mm film out systems. Unbiased stokc strategies and information from experts The Digital Intermediate process eliminates current post-production redundancies by creating a single high-resolution master file from which all versions can be made, including all theatrical and High Definition formats. By creating a single master file with resolution higher than the current High Definition broadcast standards, the DI master file enables cinema and television distributors to extract and archive all current and future cinema and television formats including Digital Cinema, Television and High Definition.Let your trading profits jump with insider stokc info Brokerage info and insider data to boost stokc profits

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