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Re: Processing large amounts of files

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: Processing large amounts of files
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2024 22:30:45 +0100
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Ricardo Wurmus <> writes:

> Liliana Marie Prikler <> writes:
>> For comparison:
>>   time cat /tmp/meow/{0..7769}
>>   […]
>>   real       0m0,144s
>>   user       0m0,049s
>>   sys        0m0,094s
>> It takes GWL 6 times longer to compute the workflow than to create the
>> inputs in Guile, and 600 times longer than to actually execute the
>> shell command.  I think there is room for improvement :)
> GWL checks if all input files exist before running the command.  Part of
> the difference you see here (takes about 2 seconds on my laptop) is GWL
> running FILE-EXISTS? on 7769 files.  This happens in prepare-inputs; its
> purpose:
>   "Ensure that all files in the INPUTS-MAP alist exist and are linked to
>   the expected locations.  Pick unspecified inputs from the environment.
>   Return either the INPUTS-MAP alist with any additionally used input
>   file names added, or raise a condition containing the list of missing
>   files."
> Another significant delay is introduced by the cache mechanism, which
> computes a unique prefix based on the contents of all input files.  It's
> not unexpected that this will take a little while, but it's not great
> either.

With commit f4442e409cf05d0c7cc4d6a251626d22efaffe8c it's a little
faster.  We used a whole lot of alists, and this becomes slow when there
are thousands of inputs.  We're now using hash tables.


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