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From: Marcus Kline
Subject: [iiwusynth-devel] archive picture
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 11:31:34 +0100

Clairs fiancéLEANDER PFYFE Intimate friend of Alvin BensonsMRS. Thereare one or two things, he said soberly, that I think Id betterwarn you about. The fact is, Alvin Benson has beenmurdered.
My assistant, whos therenow, tells me he thinks the inspector has put Heath in charge.
His collectionwas as varied as that of a museum. They were the men whose work expressed most intenselya broad philosophic spirit. Of course; and that makes the situation just so much moredelicate.
As she spoke, the first stroke of midnight sounded.
Despite the aquiline severity of his lineaments, his face was highlysensitive. Especially are the Greek and Latin classics vitiated by translation. Despite the aquiline severity of his lineaments, his face was highlysensitive.
Even people who foundit difficult to admire him found it equally difficult not to likehim. The cold breeze ofthe present brushed her face with its little breath of fear. There stood thegreat house with all its windows robed in silver. And I most certainly wont wait over fiveminutes for you to get dressed.
Vances Chinese prints constituted one of the finest privatecollections in this country.
MORIARTY An alderman, Borough of the BronxJACK PRISCO Elevator boy at the Chatham ArmsGEORGE G. Vance, a serious thinghas brought me here. His nose was straight and slender, and his chin narrow butprominent, with an unusually deep cleft. What has praise and fame to do withpoetry?
Markham moved forward impatiently in his chair. He glanced at theclock on the mantel, it lacked a few minutes of nine.
Thewhite arch of a thousand deaths rose before it. A highly colored oriental rugcovered nearly the entire floor. Dont misunderstand me, Markham hastened to assure him. Markham was too abstracted to follow up Vances badinage. Incidentally, he was one of the most unerring poker players I haveever seen.
You asked for the experience, and I dropped into keep my promise. I prefer the blushing rose, if you dont mind, Vance protested. No luckever attends these symbolical celebrations, she thought. He was a man of unusual culture and brilliance. Ive got troubles enough withoutyour garbled questions.

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