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[iiwusynth-devel] footnote roughhouse

From: Beatrice Robinson
Subject: [iiwusynth-devel] footnote roughhouse
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 09:02:22 -0000

Wintertons instinct joined him to the weaker and more sporting side inany choice but fox-hunting.
My bodyguard were near by, so I took my camel and rode over tohim.
A red-tipped Aide told us that over there was General Gregory.
Undoubtedly the end, not only of thegreat war, but of our war, was near.
Heavier work, perhaps, lay to thesouthward.
At noon we saw Barrows pennon at a stream, where he was watering hishorses. The blood cameout with his heart beats, throb, throb, throb, slower and slower. He said he must post sentries in the village to keep thepopulace in order. With their destruction would end ourpurpose here. God give him mercy; we will take hisprice.
The enemy had tried to halt and camp at sunset, but Khalid had shakenthem again into movement.
However his orderswere Deraa, and to Deraa he would go. Thesetroops, in flocks like slow sheep, looked not worthy of the privilege ofspace. One nightwas given us to make the Damascenes receive the British Army as theirallies.
About the soldiers hung the Arabs: gravely-gazing men from anothersphere.
Our men were too heavy with their great bootyto catch him.
We raced a third time back along the road insearch of higher authority. Small pyres of smoke were going up from betweenthe houses.
Some Indian troopers peered at us and our car and its ragged driversarmy shorts and tunic. I was very jealous for the Arab honour, in whoseservice I would go forward at all costs. He shook his rein and moved slowly after the enemy.

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