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POTA Support

From: David Simmons
Subject: POTA Support
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2021 02:20:18 -0500
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Hello KLog Developers,

I've been getting into more and more of POTA (Parks on the Air) Activation and hunting, and really like the simplicity of KLOG versus some of of the other logging packages, however having support for a few other ADIF user defined fields would be great,


MY_SIG_INFO (Used to track my park Designator)

SIG_INFO (Used to track Park 2 Park Designator, when tracking Park to Park Calls)

I'd be more than happy to make these additions and contribute them back through github, lots growing interest in POTA and having a straightforward implementation would be well received,  after looking at the source shouldn't be too big a deal, but wanted to ask first and see if i could get some thoughts on the preferred way of implementing this, whether it be a new Tab for POTA fields (which i can totally do myself), or the ability to add some user defined fields which I'd probably need some collaboration with to make sure it fits the overall vision for KLOG)

Thanks, and 73,

Dave Simmons

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