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Make 4.4 on Win10 behaving oddly

From: Gary Turner
Subject: Make 4.4 on Win10 behaving oddly
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2023 16:43:48 +1200
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Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask - I've been reading this list for years, and it was an easy option :) I've been getting (copying) updated make.exe files from various installations as I set up new machines over the years.
I usually run make manually from a command prompt.
I've been doing this for years with no changes to anything else but I'm seeing some oddness with make 4.4.1 (Built for x86_64-pc-msys) that I got from a ruby install. If I run make on my old makefiles, it looks to me  like it is starting a shell instead of running the commands. It prints the necessary make command, and "Microsoft Windows[Version 10.0...] and (c) Microsoft... and then a command prompt. The command window  title then shows ...\cmd - make. If I type exit, (sometimes I have to Ctr-C first)  I get back to my original prompt. I guess something is going wrong with my shell selection, but I've never had to manually set it before. I copied over an older 4.1 (Built for Windows32) which I don't recall the source of, and that works fine.
Is there an easy solution to this?

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Today's Topics:

    1. GNU Make 4.4.1 released! (Paul Smith)


Message: 1
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2023 15:18:17 -0500
From: Paul Smith <>
Subject: GNU Make 4.4.1 released!
Message-ID: <>
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     GNU make is a tool which controls the generation of executables and
     other non-source files of a program from the program's source files.

     You can learn more at:

The next stable release of GNU make, 4.4.1, is available now for download:

   c8469a3713cbbe04d955d4ae4be23eeb  make-4.4.1.tar.gz
   c8b13b7477e812d4213a9b88ff0ff1d6  make-4.4.1.tar.lz

You can obtain a copy from: ;O=D
You can choose a nearby mirror:
A list of mirror sites is available:

- NEWS --------------------------------------------------------------------

Version 4.4.1 (26 Feb 2023)

This release is primarily a bug-fix release.
A complete list of bugs fixed in this version is available here:

* WARNING: Backward-incompatibility!
   In previous releases it was not well-defined when updates to MAKEFLAGS made
   inside a makefile would be visible.  This release ensures they are visible
   immediately, even when invoking $(shell ...) functions.  Also, command line
   variable assignments are now always present in MAKEFLAGS, even when parsing
   Implementation provided by Dmitry Goncharov <>

* New feature: Parallel builds of archives
   Previously it was not possible to use parallel builds with archives.  It is
   still not possible using the built-in rules, however you can now override
   the built-in rules with a slightly different set of rules and use parallel
   builds with archive creation.  See the "Dangers When Using Archives" section
   of the GNU Make manual, and

* Previously target-specific variables would inherit their "export" capability
   from parent target-specific variables even if they were marked private.  Now
   private parent target-specific variables have no affect.  For more details

* Disable FIFO jobserver on GNU/Hurd and Cygwin
   Experimentation shows that the new FIFO-based jobserver doesn't work well on
   GNU/Hurd or Cygwin: revert these systems to use the pipe-based jobserver.

* Updates to allow building on OS/2
   Provided by KO Myung-Hun <>

* New platform: GNU Make is supported on z/OS
   Thanks to Igor Todorovski <> for the patches and testing

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