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[microdc-devel] Preventing continuous display of User quit information

From: Karthik K
Subject: [microdc-devel] Preventing continuous display of User quit information
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 19:16:08 +0530

First of all, hats off for building such a wonderful command line DC client.

One little annoyance I have had while using microdc is whenever a user quits from the current serve we get a message saying "User <user> quits"

Now, this automatically brings back focus to the prompt. When I am looking at the list of users or results of a search or a browsing a user directory, I would have scrolled way up and this "User <user> quits" messages again scrolls down the screen to the prompt. This is especially annoying when you are connected to a busy hub with many users quitting every second. It gets to a point where microdc becomes almost unusable.

Is it somehow possible to disable the printing of "User <user> quits" messages?

With Regards
Karthik K

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