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[Patch-gnuradio] Closing down the patch mailing list

From: Tom Rondeau
Subject: [Patch-gnuradio] Closing down the patch mailing list
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2013 11:52:47 -0500

This is a final message for the patch-gnuradio mailing list. We will be closing it down and moving over to the Issues tracker completely.

I have just reposted below a message from Martin Braun to the GNU Radio discussion mailing list describing the new policy for issues, bugs, features, etc. since he already said it all and better than I could:


We'd like to remind everyone that we've re-booted the 
issue tracker
(available at, and
as a consequence will be removing the patch-gnuradio mailing list very

We want to ask anyone posting bugs, feature requests, patches etc. to go
through the issue tracker from now on.

Issue tracker FAQ:

=== Why is this happening? ===

We would like one central place for all issues, and also would like the
possibility to automatically assign certain issues to certain people.
The tracker is a much better place to do this than the patch-gnuradio
mailing list is.
It also has the advantage of removing conversations specific to this
patch (e.g. "Can you please make sure the indenting is correct" and
mundane stuff like that) from the mailing list.

=== What do I need to post issues? ===

Ideally, you register an account and request the right to post bugs
(this last step is an unfortunate countermeasure against spam bots,
which have been a real pest).
Then you head to
and post away. It's pretty self-explanatory.
If you know which category the bug belongs to, please select that. This
will speed up the process.
Patches can be uploaded as an attachment to an issue.

=== Can I post without registering?  ===

You may use the guest user account (guest:gnuradio).

=== What if I don't know the answer to all the questions? ===

Just leave them empty. We will hunt down incomplete issues and decide
their fate. Don't be discouraged to post!

=== There's this issue I have a solution for, now what? ===

That's *exactly* what the tracker is there for. If there's an unresolved
bug, and you have a solution, just yell. We'll assign the issue to you,
and then everyone knows someone is taking care of it.




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