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[Savannah-cvs] [384] update: sftp and rsync don't work

From: ineiev
Subject: [Savannah-cvs] [384] update: sftp and rsync don't work
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2019 07:10:01 -0400 (EDT)

Revision: 384
Author:   ineiev
Date:     2019-06-11 07:10:00 -0400 (Tue, 11 Jun 2019)
Log Message:
update: sftp and rsync don't work

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/sviki/DownloadArea.mdwn
--- trunk/sviki/DownloadArea.mdwn       2019-06-11 06:56:36 UTC (rev 383)
+++ trunk/sviki/DownloadArea.mdwn       2019-06-11 11:10:00 UTC (rev 384)
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
 -   Gentoo GNU/Linux: `gpg-agent` (install with `emerge`)
-Then you can use rsync/scp/sftp to upload your file:
+Then you can use scp to upload your file:
     # Give read permissions to your files!
     chmod 644 *
@@ -44,9 +44,11 @@
     # Upload the files
     scp release.tar.gz address@hidden:/releases/project/
-    rsync release.tar.gz address@hidden:/releases/project/
-    sftp address@hidden:/releases/project/ # interactive mode
+As of 2019-06-11, rsync for upload and sftp don't work.  Use scp.
+Submit support requests to Savannah administration to delete
+or move files.
 SSH key fingerprints for
     1024 SHA256:FYkx0iik+iBeCLRzvUyUSTRT98TEBBJoYuQsTXbyGL8 (RSA)
@@ -72,54 +74,6 @@
 up-to-date one. Please expect a delay of up to 24 hours for an upload on
 savannah to appear on all mirrors.
-Using Konqueror
-Type sftp://address@hidden/releases/yourproject in the Location bar.
-Using lftp
-lftp is a nice command-line tool with read-line support and shell-like
-commands, that can be used for SFTP.
-Move files around with SFTP
-Solution 1: use gFTP or Konqueror
-Solution 2: with sftp:
-1. use the `rename` command (mv and move don't exist)
-2. specify the full destination, including the filename:
-    # wrong
-    rename hello-1.2.tar.gz old/
-    # right
-    rename hello-1.2.tar.gz old/hello-1.2.tar.gz
-Using sshfs
-The program `sshfs` is based on FUSE. So FUSE must be compiled in your
-kernel and you have to have the privileges to use it. For example, under
-Debian GNU/Linux, you need to:
-    apt-get install sshfs
-    gpasswd -a your_account fuse
-    modprobe fuse  # add it at the end of /etc/modules to make this permanent
-Create a mountpoint, for example `mkdir mnt`. You cannot simply use the
-system's /mnt for that, you have to be the owner of the mountpoint. Then
-enter `sshfs address@hidden:/releases/yourproject mnt/`. Please note,
-that there has to be a colon after the server name! Then you can access
-the files in that directory like in any other directory. To unmount use
-`fusermount -u mnt`.
-If you are made member of a new project, you need to umount / remount
-the sshfs connection to take it into account.

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