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[Swarmfest2005] accounting report

From: Pietro Terna
Subject: [Swarmfest2005] accounting report
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 00:25:58 +0200

        Deal all,

        below you can find the accounting report of the 2005 SwarmFest.

We have also the possibility of a contribution to SDG; so SDG can send an invoice of 1,200 Euros to

ISI Foundation,
viale Settimio Severo 65,
I-10133 Torino,

attention to Ms. Anna Piergiovanni <address@hidden>

Please send the invoice to Anna, and in CC to me, by mail, including also the bank name/address and bank and account codes for international transfer

The invoice motivation is "reimbursement of Swarm Fest organizational costs".

        Yours, Pietro


2005 SwarmFest accounting report (Pietro Terna, July 12, 2005)


ISI Foundations – Lagrange project              Euros  6,892.48
        covering the following expenses
        . welcome dinner and luches             3,052.35
        . coffee breaks (partial)                 460.00
        . invited participant (travel
          and living)                             387.19
        . bus and technical expenses            1,792.94
        . contribution to SDG (covering
          organizational expenses)              1,200.00

Department of Economic science, U. of Torino    Euros  6,712.89
        covering the following expenses
        . Palazzo Barolo (social dinner)
          rent cost                             2,100.00
        . social dinner catering                2,820.00
        . transportation facility               1,792.89

Collected fees                                  Euros  2,950.00
        covering the following expenses
        . poster session structures               936.00
        . conference halls                        912.00
        . coffee breaks (partial)                 525.00
        . other expenses                          577.00

Total                                           Euros 16.555,37

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