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Re: Emacs XWidgets - GSoC 2014

From: Daimrod
Subject: Re: Emacs XWidgets - GSoC 2014
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 11:18:46 +0900
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Nick Salerni <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello:

Hi Nick,

> My name is Nick Salerni and I am currently a second year computer
> science student at Ryerson University. I was looking over various tops
> by various companies and I found your "Emacs XWidgets" project very
> interesting. I am definitely interested in submitting a proposal and
> working on this project, but before I submit my proposal I wanted to
> gather a bit more information about the project, allowing my proposal
> to be as complete as possible.
> What would the specifics of the project entail?

For this GSoC, we would like to focus on integrating some XWidget
functionality into the trunk. IMHO, we should try to integrate the
webkit webview (i.e. using a GtkWebView to render HTML pages).
I haven't put much thought into this yet, but it will require:
1. code cleaning (the current code mixes experimentations and "working"
2. fix some issues with the webview (we have troubles rendering large

> Also, who would be the mentor for this specific project?

It will probably Joakim Verona.

> Also I wanted to provide a bit more background information on myself.
> I believe I have enough experience using Emacs and programming in C
> that I can really help this project.

That's good, you'll need both. :)

As I said in another post:

IMHO, once you've successfully built emacs-xwidget, you could start by
1. (info "(elisp) Writing Emacs Primitives")
2. (info "(elisp) Object Internals")
3. some code in src/lisp.h

This will help you to understand how C types and C functions can be
manipulated on the Elisp side.

After that, you will ready to look at xwidget.[ch] and how xwidget hooks
into the display engine.

Tell me if you have any questions.

> I would be honoured to work on this project as a part of the Google
> Summer of Code program (even if the topic doesn't get pick for GSoC, I
> would still be interested in working on it). I hope to hear back from
> you soon!

That's great. Do not hesitate to ask question, either here or on IRC
(#emacs on irc.freenode.net). You can ping me (daimrod) or Joakim



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