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Re: [gnuspeech-contact] GnuspeechSA 0.1.6

From: Felipe Castro
Subject: Re: [gnuspeech-contact] GnuspeechSA 0.1.6
Date: Sat, 6 May 2017 19:31:13 -0300

I like this, it' s very nice!

Marcelo, have you tried GnuSpeech to speak in other languages, you seem to be brazilian, just like me, so it would nice to have this "thing" speaking in Portuguese...

Felipe Castro

2017-05-06 19:01 GMT-03:00 Marcelo Matuda <address@hidden>:

GnuspeechSA 0.1.5 has a serious (and stupid) bug in the intonation. The problem is that the intonation curve is not smooth. This bug has been fixed in GnuspeechSA 0.1.6. It can be downloaded at:


BTW there are some synthesis examples at:


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