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[Chicken-users] bindings and low-level-macros

From: Juergen Lorenz
Subject: [Chicken-users] bindings and low-level-macros
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 18:10:21 +0100
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Hi all,

some days ago, I've uploaded the new version of the bindings library. It
now encloses the low-level-macros egg which is hence considered

Bindings contains a lot of binding macros in the spirit of Common Lisp's
destructuring-bind or the match macro of the matchable library.

Moreover, it contains some low-level macro builders, former supplied by
the low-level-macros egg. In particular
- macro-rules, a low-level version of syntax-rules,
- define-macro, your old friend from Chicken-3, but hygienic
- define-er-macro, an explicit-renaming version of define-macro.
All can accept once-forms as arguments, thus avoiding the subtleties of
side-effected arguments.
With these macros, you have the power of low-level-macros and the
ease-of-use of high-level macros.

Please give the library a try.



Dr. Juergen Lorenz
Flensburger Str. 12
10557 Berlin

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